2019 Medicare and Cascade Orthopedic Supply, Inc. Updates

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Medicare Update

Important Medicare Updates Effective March 1st, 2019cms

Effective March 1st, 2019, all DMEPOS suppliers must begin billing bilateral Medicare claims on separate claim lines using the right (RT) and left (LT) modifier individually. Suppliers may continue to bill these items on a single claim line prior to the effective date but should discontinue this practice beginning March 1st.  Impacted items and policies include, but are not limited to, lower limb prostheses, knee orthoses, and therapeutic shoes.

Please refer to the applicable Local Coverage Determination and Policy Article for your respective DME MAC website for correct coding and billing practices. This will ensure that you and your team know the most efficient ways to separate claim lines moving forward. Offices will want to double check with their billing software company to guarantee everything will work properly following this change. Prior to the effective date, be sure to review the updated processes, and train staff accordingly. Claims that are not separated or billed accurately will be denied, ensuring your staff is properly trained and can handle this change is imperative.  

Content written by Michelle Wullstein, O&P Insight

Continued Education

cosCascade provides a wide variety of continued education courses and offers both scientific and business credits to certified practitioners.  Clinical education programs are delivered by Cascade’s Clinical Manager, Pam Hale, CPO, and range from product specific content like the WillowWood® Alpha DESIGN® Liners to more broad-based series like Contemporary Orthotic Solutions, which include various product categories.  Business courses include topics like Medicare, Competitive Bidding & OTS Orthosis, Same and Similar, and Patient Financial Responsibility.  These courses are delivered by Lesleigh Sisson, CFom and Michelle Wullstein from O&P Insight.

Our Continued Education Courses are available in person or via webinar, and range from one to three hours in length. To learn more or schedule a course, please contact your Cascade Sales Territory Account Manager.

Website Updates

boxCascade is constantly looking for ways to improve your experience on the website. We have recently incorporated tracking information into the order history section of “My Account.”

In the website Account Dashboard, you can now select a recent order and view the associated tracking numbers. This new section is housed on the left-hand side of the order summary and provides complete shipment details.


Stay tuned as we continue to offer new products, resources, and solutions in 2019.


New Year, New Goals, New Solutions

A Letter From the Cascade President, Jeff Collins jeff-collins

For Cascade, 2018 was focused on internal development and improvement. An incredible amount of effort and resources were dedicated to reviewing our distribution model, supply chain logistics, and support channels. As we move into the New Year with a strong foundation, we are excited to introduce new tools, resources, and integrations
that will enhance your experience with Cascade. Here are some things to look forward to in the coming year:

  • Product Kits – Expanded product selections based on your needs
  • Custom Ordering Solutions – Additional custom order forms added to the Cascade portfolio and Fusiform platform
  • Integrations – Supported integrations with Brightree, VA DALC, and Third Party Partners
  • Product Value Optimization – Functionally equivalent items segmented by product category to help identify good, better, best product selections

As the industry unites to face various threats, we are pleased to offer immediate solutions to help maintain and grow your business.

We look forward to working with you in 2019 and appreciate your continued support!


Jeff Collins, President

New Product Solutions


PiedroPiedro Pediatric Orthopedic Footwear – This shoe line features a wider and deeper toe box to ensure a precise fit. The double stitching and high abrasion resistant toe cap provides increased durability for children. Shoes are available in lace or Velcro styles.


LumbrellaOrthotic Solutions Lumbrella™ LSO – This unique LSO uses a three point force system and Boa® componentry  to deliver the support of a custom orthosis with the ease of a prefabricated brace.

HCPCS: L0637, L0650


VictorCollege Park Victor™ – The College Park Victor™ knee is a single axis, pneumatic knee that is ideal for low to moderate activity users. The knee is well suited for patients who are looking to increase their activity level.

HCPCS: L5822, L5845, L5850


AllelesALLELES Lil’ Prosthetic Leg Covers – ALLELES protective covers are an alternative option to the traditional foam covers and are available in a variety of designs to fit each unique patient’s personality.

HCPCS: L5704, L5705 


For more information on any of these products, contact your Cascade Account Manager or Cascade Customer Service at 800-888-0865.

Cascade Welcomes Evan Glenn, New Pacific Southwest Account Manager

Cascade is excited to announce the newest member of our Sales Team, Evan Glenn. Keep reading to get the inside scoop!

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Evan will be managing accounts throughout Southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico. He joins Cascade with over five years of experience in the O&P industry, first working as a Technician and then transitioning into a marketing and sales role.

Fun Facts About Evan

  • He is a newlywed – Congrats Evan & Alex!
  • Has an adorable dog named Moose
  • Graduated from Kansas State with a degree in Kinesiology – Go Wild Cats!
  • Loves extreme sports
  • Enjoys cross-country skiing, mountain biking, and surfingasd

What is Evan Looking Forward to Accomplishing at Cascade?

Evan is looking forward to building new relationships and providing business solutions to help our customers build a better practice.

We are excited to welcome Evan to the Cascade family! We can’t wait to see what his positivity and competitive spirit brings to the team. To check out the rest of the Cascade Sales Team and their respective territories, please click here.

Product Spotlight – What’s New at Cascade?

New Product Additions

There has been a concerted effort to expand our distribution portfolio and provide you with the latest products from the newest suppliers.  Please read more below to learn about the new range of products.


SpineCor- Techno®Spine

The Techno®Spine TLSO-Scoliosis Brace is a dynamic spinal off-loading brace designed specifically to reduce postural imbalance and pain in Adult Scoliosis patients.

LaunchPad – Trio of Innovation

This trio of innovation includes the PIVOT, X-TENSION, and SNAPstop for fabricating articulating AFOs.

Knit-Rite® Core-Spun by Therafirm® Patterned AFO Socks

Core-spun Patterned AFO Socks by Thera-firm® provide patients with protection and comfort under their orthosis. Each sock features moisture-wicking fibers within an ultra-stretchy, form-fitting sock that is easier to put on and stays put for all-day wear.


LegWorks – All-Terrain Knees

The LegWorks line of All-Terrain Knees with optional Stance Flexion provides multiple walking speeds without the use of hydraulics or pneumatics.

Cypress Adaptive – Complete Product Line

A collection of valves, ankles, sleeves, and knees.

WillowWood® Alpha DESIGN® Liners

The Alpha Duo is now available as an Alpha DESIGN® Liner. Developed for amputees with less than optimal Shaped residual limbs in mind, the ALPHA DESIGN® Liner offers unparalleled comfort and an intimate fit for each patient’s needs.

WillowWood® LimbLogic® M

The LimbLogic® M is an inline, mechanical vacuum pump has a low build height of 3.6″ for flexibility in componentry selection and alignment. With a lightweight and standard version, the LimbLogic® M can accommodate a variety of patients from 100 to 330 pounds.

MAKstride- Bio-Stride Series of Prosthetic Feet

The MAKstride feet feature multi-strut construction, providing maximum flexibly under extreme loads. The anterior facing calf shank increases gait efficiency, while walking encourages activity. The MAKstride product line features six feet ranging in activity level from K2 to K4.

Tools & Equipment

Leonard Industries – Tools

A distinct grouping of tools designed for specific areas of fabrication: modifying, thermoforming, and laminating.

Patient Aids

BI Medical- Apocrine™

Apocrine™ is a flexible titanium prosthetic-skin interface that protects and decontaminants prosthetic liners.

New Products Coming Soon!

Piedro Pediatric Orthopedic Footwear

ALLELES Design Studio Pediatric Prosthetic Leg Covers

College Park Victor Knee

For more information on any of these products, reach out to your Cascade Account Manager or Cascade Customer Service at 800-888-0865.

Cascade Welcomes New Sales Team Members


Cascade is excited to announce the addition of two new members to the Cascade Sales Team, Brian Carey and Debbie Devers.

Brian Carey – Central Pacific Account Manager

Brian Carey will be managing accounts throughout Northern and Central California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. He has over 20 years of experience in the O&P industry and is excited to transition into distribution sales.

Fun Facts

  • Graduated from the University of Dayton, Ohio
  • Married to his wife Jenna
  • Has one son named Tyler
  • Owns two dogs – Brodey and Riley
  • Enjoys hiking, biking, and traveling
  • Favorite sports teams are the Chicago Bears and Chicago Black Hawks

Brian’s #Goals

As part of the Cascade team, Brian is excited to share his industry experience and assist accounts with new and innovative business solutions.

Debbie Devers – Mid-Atlantic Account Manager

Debbie Devers will be managing accounts within the territory boundaries of Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  Debbie comes to Cascade with six years of experience in the O&P industry and a strong background in prosthetics.

Fun Facts

  • Has two sons – Sean and Matthew
  • Enjoys to golf and has scored a hole in one
  • Loves spending time with friends and family
  • Has a passion for soccer and figure skating
  • Describes herself as competitive and energetic

Debbie’s #Goals

Over the course of her career in the industry, Debbie has made some wonderful connections with her customers. She is looking forward to reconnecting with customers in the Mid-Atlantic Territory and forming new relationships.

Corporate Feels

Debbie Hatch, Cascade’s National Sales Manager, comments “I am thrilled to have Brian and Debbie join the Cascade sales team. They both have a great deal of O&P experience and knowledge that will contribute to their success. They are eager to meet their customers and strengthen the Cascade partnership. ”

 If you would like to connect with either one of our team members, please refer to our Cascade Sales Territory Map.

Cascade Cares: Environmental Conservation

Here at Cascade Orthopedic Supply, we always try to be cognizant of the environment. With the ever-growing concern of greenhouse gas emission, deteriorating fuel resources, and increased waste across the world, we want to do our part in reducing our carbon footprint.  To accomplish this, Cascade has incorporated solar panels to fuel our energy consumption and installed a packaging machine to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Keep reading to learn more about how these these efforts have helped us become a more sustainable company!

Solar Panels

Cascade installed solar panels at our Chico, CA headquarters back in 2013. Since their installation, the solar panels have generated around 500,000 kWh of energy.  This volume of energy is the equivalent to:

  • 360 tons of CO2 offset – what would have been provided by planting 9,000 trees
  • 40,600 gallons of gas saved
  • 2,800 light bulbs for 1 year

It is exciting to be able to quantify the impact of the solar panels, both for Cascade and the environment.  We are looking forward to watching these numbers increase in the coming years.

birthday-social_31250866 (1)Packsize 

Did you know that empty space comprises 40% of all shipped packages? Excessive packaging has a negative impact on the environment.  With our packaging machine Packsize, we are able to create custom boxes that are sized perfectly for each specific shipment. By using less material, we can reduce our carbon footprint, while saving you money! 

Additional Benefits of Packsize

  • Reduces damage during shipping
  • Increased storage, handling, and transportation efficiencies
  • Reduces stocking and managing of boxes, resulting in more space in your warehouse
  • Better freight rates

Fun Facts About Packsize

If the whole country used Packsize, we would:

  • Save 98.8 Million trees
  • Avoid 1.4 Billion cubic feet of landfill
  • Keep 17.4 Billion kg of CO2 from entering the atmosphere

The Packsize machine is currently installed at our Chico, CA Distribution Center and is servicing our customers in the area.  In the upcoming months, we plan on installing additional Packsize units in each of our three remaining warehouses.

birthday-social_31250866 (2)

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

At Cascade Headquarters, we have installed an electric vehicle charging station for employees and other businesses in the area to use.  Cascade’s President, Jeff Collins, owns a Chevrolet Volt and utilizes the charging station every day!  Some individual and environmental benefits recognized by using electric vehicles include:

  • Fuel savings
  • Diversification of fuel sources for the US
  • Reduction of emissions that contribute to climate change


We are always looking for new ways to conserve and reduce our carbon footprint.  We will be sure to keep you updated as we creatively figure out ways to save you money and reduce our impact on the environment.

Cascade Kit Solutions


Kits are now available at Cascade and offer you a progressive way to save! Continue reading to learn more about Cascade Kits and how they can benefit you.

Value Added Benefits

Bundled product kits provide you with options to help manage your costs and recognize additional ROI on your patients.

  • Cost Savings: kit savings range from $105 – $625 based on kit selected
  • Product Selection: transfemoral and transtibial kit options + more coming soon
  • Order Options: kits can be ordered from any Cascade order channel
  • Availability: all kit items ship from Cascade inventory
  • Convenience: complete kits are shipped in one box
  • Consolidated Purchasing: no additional PO’s, packing slips, invoices

Clinical Support

In order to ensure you are selecting a kit that is right for your patient, our Clinical Resource is available to answer any of your technical questions.  Cascade’s Clinical Educator, Pam Hale, CPO, can be reached directly at phale@cascade-usa.com or by phone at (925) 895-1993.

Available Kit Options

Kits are currently available with WillowWood and Ossur K2 product options.  To see complete product details, please visit the product page or check out our Kit FAQ’s.

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Our mission at Cascade Orthopedic Supply is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to build a better practice.

Be sure to stay tuned as Cascade continues to expand our kit options in the coming months. For more information on the Cascade Kits, visit us online at www.cascade-usa.com, call our Customer Service Team at 800-888-0865, or contact your Account Manager today!