Cascade Welcomes Pam Hale, CPO

Cascade is excited to introduce Pam Hale, CPO, our new Clinical Educator.  Pam has worked within the O&P industry for 25 Pam_Hale #2years, practicing as a Clinician, business owner, and clinical educator. Pam has a wide breadth of knowledge in both orthotics and prosthetics and is interested in incorporating progressive technologies into clinical O&P care.

In her new role, Pam will be working closely with our sales team, supplier partners, and customers, to provide product and fabrication related education. Pam loves working in an industry that is constantly evolving, it keeps her on her toes and allows her to continue to grow as an educator.

Fun Fact:

  • Pam graduated from UT Southwestern
  • She has an Australian Shepard named Kiyo
  • Pam is true mountain girl! When she isn’t working you will find her hiking, white water rafting, or skiing
  • She loves to travel
  • Pam is a foodie! She is open to trying anything she comes across in her travels
  • She enjoys hands-on learning and experiences

What Brings Pam to Cascade

Team history and product diversity! Pam feels that her past work experience with Cascade has given her great insight into the company’s overall culture and focus. She has also had the opportunity to build strong relationships with many Cascade team member prior to arrival. Never working for distributor before, Pam is excited to have a vast array of products available to her to teach about. We are so excited to have Pam as part of our Cascade team! With her hands-on experience, breadth of knowledge, and love of the industry, we will be able to provide you, our customer with the education need.