FusiformCAST: Simplifying Orders for Custom Devices


FusiformCAST is a custom order portal where customers can maintain HIPAA compliant patient records, order custom devices through a supplier or distributor, and monitor the progress of a custom device from initial order to delivery.  Utilizing one portal for all custom devices reduces errors, improves turnaround time, and increases efficiency.

Fusiform provides visibility into custom orders processed through Cascade; finally allowing the customer to have direct communication with the fabricator on one easy-to-use portal.


Top 10 Reasons Why a Customer Would Use FusiformCAST

  1. Free portal for custom device management
  2. One-stop, HIPAA compliant portal for patient records
  3. 24/7 user-friendly access
  4. An Administrator account can be created to control who accesses the data with the use of security controls/permissions – perfect for centralized purchasing
    • One account can host multiple users with unique logins
  5. Fusiform Dashboard provides a snapshot of all patients/orders
    • Search functionality makes it easy to search for a patient record/order
  6. The order form cannot be submitted without completion of each section; making it error proof
    • All information is auto saved in portal
  7. Portal accepts all file types, no size restrictions
    • 3D annotations can be made on 3D scans
  8. Status markers indicate device progress
    • Real-time progress updates/notifications are sent to customer when devices incur status change
    • Instant messaging available for customer to communicate with Cascade/supplier directly without picking up the phone
  9. The Fusiform iPad App can be used without a wireless connection and will upload information once connected to internet
  10. It’s just another great way to consolidate all of your purchases through Cascade


High Level Overview of Order Process  Fusiform High Level Order Process - Page 1Where Can I Access the FusiformCAST Portal?

FusiformCAST can be accessed through either the online desktop portal or the IOS iPad Application.

What Devices are Currently Available through FusiformCAST?

Currently, you are able to process Cascade orders for the following custom items:

  • WillowWood® Alpha DESIGN® Liners
  • APEX® Custom Diabetic Inserts (CDI)

How Do I Learn More?

Trial the system on the Cascade-Fusiform Demo Account.  See below for details:

Fusiform Demo URL: https://clinic.fusiform.co/#/

To learn more about the Cascade and Fusiform partnership, contact your Cascade Sales Territory Account Manager today!