Our Data Would Be Lost Without You

At Cascade, we take pride in our ability to collect and analyze data in order to make the very best business decisions for our customers. Recently, we sat down with our data guru’s Alex Gaugler, Sales Data Analyst and James Mayfield, Business Analyst to better understand our growing need for bigger, better data.  Check out the Q&A below to discover how Cascade uses data analytics to help you build a better practice.

  • Can you explain the journey Cascade has taken with data?

Cascade has invested a lot of time, effort, and money into developing strong data practices.  The journey has been transformational to say the least…from using Excel spreadsheets, to implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) platform Salesforce, to building a custom freight data infrastructure, to most recently rolling out a business intelligence tool.  In the end, Cascade is constantly improving the way we manage our data. That being said, the prolonged investment in data analytic tools has contributed significantly to Cascade’s success as the largest independent O&P distributor.

  • What tools have you used that help with data collection and analysis?

Cascade utilizes a variety of innovative tools to assist with data management and analysis. A great way to produce really granular data sets is the use of SQL (a special language used in data programming). SQL allows Cascade to retrieve and analyze a large amount of data in a very short amount of time. Another handy tool is our CRM platform is Salesforce.  This tool allows our Account Managers to have customer specific data right at their fingertips. And most recently, the business intelligence tool we implemented has enabled Cascade to mix and analyze a variety of data sets.

  • Where do you see data playing a role in Cascade in the future?

Data management and analysis is becoming increasingly important in the modern world. As always, Cascade will continue to evolve our data practices and utilize the most innovative technologies available in order to better manage our business, as well as assist our customer’s in managing theirs.

  • What kind of reports are useful for customers who want to streamline their business practices?

Customers have found freight analysis to be one of the most useful reports to streamline their business. The ability to analyze their shipments (how they are shipped, where they are shipped from, etc.) helps to determine the most cost effective method of receiving products.  Another report customers have found useful are vendor and product summaries based off purchase history. This allows them to see which products they are utilizing the most, which comes in handy for multi-facility practices.

  • How has data has helped transform the customer experience?

The ability to dive deep into large data sets allows Cascade to better analyze a customer’s needs. Whether it be purchasing trends, freight analysis, or cost savings, data allows Cascade to understand various aspects of our customer’s business and identify areas where improvements can be made.  Ultimately, customers now have the ability to harness the power of data and the opportunity to build a strong foundation for the future of their practice.

If you are a customer of Cascade and would like to see how data can help you and your practice, please contact your Account Manager. 

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