Cascade Welcomes Carol Mitchell

Carol_Mitchell2Cascade is excited to announce the addition of Carol Mitchell as the new Midwest Territory Account Manager. Carol’s territory will consist of: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, and Missouri.

Carol  has worked in the O&P industry for a combined 10 years, dabbling in other industries like finance and software before realizing her true love of sales. Carol is a certified Mastectomy Fitter (CFm) and has a comprehensive knowledge of the product line. She is looking forward to expanding her product understanding, networking with various industry partners, and utilizing technology to provide business solutions to customers.

Fun Facts About Carol: 

  • She is your total family gal! Her family consists of her two sisters, four nephews, three nieces, and two parents who have been married for 56 years!
  • In her spare time she loves to ride her bike through local bike trails. 
  • You will never miss her at her Saturday morning yoga class getting her zen on. 
  • If she isn’t working, biking, or at yoga, she is dancing her way through a Zumba class. 
  • During her downtime she loves to indulge in a good non-fiction or classic-fiction book. 
  • She loves to travel, which makes her a perfect fit for visiting customers. 
  • If she could be anything else, she would be a singing rockstar… but she thinks her car is audience enough. 
  • Her endless love for learning and her insatiable curiosity makes Google her BFF. 

Carol’s Personal Highlight:

Every June (since 2009), Carol participates in the MS150 with her team “The Twisted Spokes,” proclaiming this as the highlight of her biking career. The MS150 is a 2 day, 150 mile bike ride benefit where she raises funds for research and support to those living with Multiple Sclerosis. She rides 75 miles Saturday and 75 miles Sunday – one of these years (hopefully this year) she hopes to ride 100 miles Saturday and 75 miles Sunday. Traditionally she has rode a hybrid bike, but her goal this year is to ride a road bike.  This will give her the ability to ride 100 miles the first day.  This remains one of her favorite events and she looks forward to the challenge every year!

What Carol Has To Say About Her New Role: 

“My love of learning, just like my love of travel, serves me well in my position with Cascade.  There is so much to learn regarding O&P products and advancements to help patients.  This is the perfect role for me and my personality as I know every single day, I will learn something new.  To me that is the most exciting thing in life!   I look forward to seeing my customers, for they all teach me something new during each visit; it is golden. O&P is an awesome industry with THE BEST people – I could not be happier!”

To contact Carol, please feel free to reach out to her direct at (530) 514-2319 or by email at

Motivation Monday: Stronger with One Leg

“I have always been a calculated competitor, in the sense that I’m always trying to figure out ways to win or overcome my competition.”

Andys_accident_007Andy XC

For Andy, his competitive nature and drive to overcome obstacles was put to the test when facing his next challenge — living a normal life. Fifteen years ago, a split second decision by someone to run a red light resulted in Andy losing his left leg below the knee. While some may see this as a misfortune, Andy saw it as a challenge and was back on his bike three months later.

early pic2Prior to his accident, Andy was a sponsored athlete for Fox Racing in the mountain biking/trail division.  He was committed to overcoming the competition and often entered races multiple times to develop his skills and patience.

After Andy’s near fatal accident, he struggled with his fear of not being able to live a normal life.  Seeing his limb loss as a challenge, he harnessed this fear into a new found motivation to succeed. 

When Fox Racing got word of his accident, they reached out to a prosthetic manufacturer called WillowWood located in Mt. Sterling, Ohio.  This call would bridge the fear of disability with a life changing opportunity for Andy. Fox Racing happened to manufacture a small air lock shock for the Pathfinder foot, leading them to connect Andy with WillowWoodThree weeks after his accident, Andy was on a plane to Ohio to be fitted for a leg that would enable him get on his bike again. This referral opened the doors to the O&P industry, introducing him to an array of prosthetic products and landing him a role as a sponsored athlete for WillowWood. 


In the last 15 years, Andy has competed in a number of bike races, triathlons, distance running, and cyclocross, including the Downieville ClassicThe Downieville Classic consists of a 29-mile course, climbing up the High Sierra’s from 4,000 ft. 7,100 ft. in elevation and then down 5,200 ft. vertical feet. The downhill portion drops 5,000 vertical feet in 15 miles, making it the most demanding downhill race in the nation. Andy has been competing in this race since 2005 and this year he placed 3rd against all able bodied racers, making this race one of his greatest accomplishments yet. 

“It’s a reminder that I can be as strong as anyone else even as a disabled person. I have never used my disability as an excuse and I never will”He has retired from racing as a full time gig, but has continued to inspire those around him to do their best. Andy’s focus, motivation, and desire to help others in the O&P industry has brought him to work with Cascade as our Pacific Southwest Territory Account Manager.


We asked Andy how working for Cascade has been for him and this is what he had
to say:Working for Cascade and being a part of the Cascade family has been a true blessing. We have so much talent and dedication on our team it’s just amazing. Being around all these talented people make me strive to be a better person in my own job. Being an amputee at Cascade and in O&P allows me to try and test products on a daily basis. This allows our customers at Cascade to get first hand experiences to the products we carry. It also allows me to work with patients and figure out what products would be best for them and what they want to do. Seeing young amputees pushing their limits is what motivates me today. It’s amazing how many amputees are out there now just kicking butt.” 

There is no doubt that Andy lives his life to the fullest, overcoming and facing each obstacle as they come. We would like to thank Andy for being an inspiration to us and showing the world that nothing can hold you back. 

Andy Blog

About Andy May

Andy May is a husband to his wife of 16 years, the father of two beautiful girls, a retired sponsored athlete, below the knee amputee, and the Pacific Southwest Account Manager at Cascade Orthopedic Supply, Inc. He currently resides in Dublin, CA where he enjoys being active, camping, and hitting the Oakland A’s baseball games with his family.  To contact Andy, you can reach him at (925) 895-1993 or by email at

Customer Feature: Lerman & Son Celebrates 100 Years

lermanandsonsLerman & Son began as a shoe manufacturing company in Germany with a small department that focused on orthotics and prosthetics. Much to their success, Lerman & Son needed to flee Germany during World War II. This took Lerman & Son to Shanghai, China where they resided for 10 years becoming a full time orthotic and prosthetic facility.

During their occupancy in Shanghai, founder Jacob Lerman’s son Max received an apprenticeship from the German Meisters in Orthotics & Prosthetics, the Leyser Brothers. This apprenticeship provided Max the experience he needed to partner with his father to become the true Lerman & Son. In 1948, the duo took Lerman & Son to Los Angeles, where they settled their office next to Cedar Sinai Medical Center. Soon after, in 1956 Lerman & Son began working with clinics and seeing inpatients at the County Hospital (later known as the USC County Medical Center) within the County of Los Angeles. Max didn’t stop at his apprenticeship, he went on to become ABC certified, which later led him to teaching orthotics in the UCLA Orthotics and Prosthetics Program.

The family business has not remained solely the father and son duo; it has extended to include four more generations of family members. Today, Lerman & Son is continuing their success with Max Lerman. Max has maintained his strong presence in the industry throughout the years, recently receiving the Clinical Creativity Award from AOPA.

Lerman & Son has been a partner of Cascade since 2003 and we are proud to see their success celebrated by 100 years.