Cascade Orthopedic Invests in Ortoped, Inc.


On October 7th, 2015, Cascade acquired 100% of the outstanding shares of
OrtoPed, Inc. from CETCO Capital and its sole shareholder, Jean-Pierre
Gibeault. Jeff Collins, President and CFO of Cascade, will succeed Gibeault as
the President of OrtoPed, and in country management will continue under the
leadership of Jean Dejardins, COO.

Collins stated, “Cascade has a rich history supporting the needs of the independent providers of prosthetic and orthotic care in Canada, tracing these roots to our inception in the early 1970’s.  We are excited to begin working with the management and staff of OrtoPed to build upon and strengthen the breadth of products and services offered to the Canadian P&O community with this investment.”

Both OrtoPed and Cascade have made significant enhancements to their operations and services since 2002 when both Gibeault and Collins joined the O&P community through their respective participation, management and ownership of these companies. 

“This investment is consistent with our vision to become the leading and most comprehensive distributor of prosthetic, orthotic and related supplies and services for certified, independent providers of prosthetic and orthotic care in North America. Our commitment to provide superior value and support on the products that we source and the services that we provide remains central to Cascade. These same values have been demonstrated by OrtoPed over the years, making this opportunity a natural fit,” said Collins.

“Of all the candidates to acquire OrtoPed, Cascade is by far the best one and really the one I trust to serve you well immediately and into the future. Cascade, as a distributor, stands out in terms of overall competence, commitment and dedication to its O&P community. I trust Jeff will bring the benefits of his care, competence and experience, with his team, to all the Canadian P&O professionals and to the Canadian P&O community in general,” said Gibeault.

Founded in 1981, OrtoPed has grown to become the largest distributor of prosthetics, orthotics, and lower extremity care products in Canada and we are excited to join forces with this exceptional company. 

Just in Time For Breastcancer Awareness Month

Cascade SignFall has arrived and the month of October reminds us of the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The addition of the Trulife Breastcare line is a timely addition to the Cascade product portfolio.

According to Trulife, “Breastcare is where Trulife began over 50 years ago and is at the heart and soul of the company.  Beginning in 1958 Trulife developed what would become the world’s first breast prosthesis. Knowing that our patients always deserve the best we continue to lead through innovation and have created the most natural and beautiful breast forms available.” We are proud to partner with Trulife and provide women with the ability to feel like themselves again. 

Trulife has done an amazing job sharing the real life stories of women who use their products and allowing them to be spokes models for the line. We find assurance in knowing these women are so appreciative and happy with the products Cascade now carries.  Through an extension of the product line, we too can help deliver comfort to these women.

trulife ladies“I decided to forgo reconstruction to allow my body more time to heal and in the meantime, I found the feeling of being a young woman, mother and wife again with the help of prosthetics and the right mastectomy bra. Both are essential tools in my journey to discover a new self-image as I heal.” – Julia. 

“There was no alternative than to survive, and with that, I fought, and continue to do so mentally every day. Cancer is quite a challenge to come through. It has changed me forever. However, I AM HERE, my scans are clear, and I can embrace a lot of joy in front of me!” – Laura.

“I chose to embrace the calling of being a living testament to the life, love and
opportunities we can have after cancer. Even if you’re not sick or never had cancer, these are the very moments of your life, and that is really all we have. Live a life you are proud of.” – Gayle. Trulife ladies 2

“I do not own cancer, but I kicked it out and I accept the healing and learning it has offered as part of who I am. The fight was never against cancer; the fight is for me and for life.” – Misty. 

Accordinbreast cancer ribbong to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc, each year it is estimated that over 220,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 will die.  There is no denying what an impact that breast forms, bras, and garments have on restoring the confidence and lifestyle of those affected by this disease. We are proud to assist in making women feel whole again and we thank Trulife Breastcare for letting us be a part of the change.

For information on the products we are offering, visit our website:


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