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Cascade Orthopedic Supply, LP. was founded in 1973 and is distinguished as the leading orthotics and prosthetics distributor in North America. Cascade’s mission is to provide superior value and support on the products we source and the services we provide. Cascade has four distribution facilities located in California, Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, allowing three day ground anywhere in the contiguous United States. Cascade’s 40+ year reputation is built on a continued commitment to excellence, investments in technology, and operational efficiency. Cascade is committed to helping customers build a successful practice and provide better patient care. 

Our blog will help us better connect with you, our customers. We are looking forward to filling you in on what is happening in the O&P industry in areas like innovation, technology, events, industry leaders, people, and more. Major developments and reform are occurring in the O&P industry and staying in front of the trends is top of mind. We want this to be a place for you to learn, grow, ask questions, and get connected.

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Cascade Supplier Partners: Product Highlight – Ottobock bebionic Hand

The bebionic Hand features cutting edge technology and innovation, providing the ability for individuals with upper limb loss to perform everyday activities with ease. With 14 different hand grip patterns and hand positions, activities from eating meals to typing are much more attainable.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Highly functional, multi-articulating hand
  • Bluetooth module
  • Spring-loaded flexion fingers
  • Padded fingertips
  • Wide thumb profile
  • Skin Silicone Prosthetic gloves available in 9 colors
  • L6880 + L6881 + L6882 + L6629

In order to fully fabricate, practitioners will need to purchase the following options:

  • bebionic Hand EQD
  • Wrist rotation option: Active (1E205, 10S17); Passive (9E169, 10S4)
  • Myo electrodes option: Suction (13E202=60) or Value (1E200=60)
  • Myo cables: 600mm (13E129=600) or 300mm (13E129=300)
  • MyoEnergy Integral battery: Small hands with passive rotation (757B35=3), Any size with active rotation (757B35=5)
  • MyoCharge Integral charger: (757L35)
  • Optional extended warranty: 3yr (SP-8E7=3) or 5yr (SP-8E7=5)
  • Bluetooth Long Range Dongle: B33061 (Optional)


For more information, contact your Account Manager or visit the our Cascade Website!

WillowWood ALPHA SmartTemp Gel Liner – Dan’s Story

Competitive powerlifting? In Dallas, Texas? No sweat.

If there’s anyone who can speak with authority on sweat, it’s Dan Nunnelly. Consider this: Dan is a competitive powerlifter and strongman competitor. He lives in the scorching heat of Dallas. His gym doesn’t have air-conditioning, and temperatures can reach 100 degrees during his training sessions and competitions. Yes, Dan knows a thing or two about sweat.

Dan has been an amputee for five years, and he’s been competing in strongman competitions for four years. During workouts and competitions, his liner would often become loose because of excess sweat. That not only made him less comfortable, it made him less confident in the fit and security of his prosthetic.

“Doing strongman and also powerlifting, equipment is really important to me. If I don’t have the best equipment, it’s pretty much a no go.”

– Dan Nunnelly

When it came to finding the best liner, he needed two things: more comfort and more security. He needed a liner he could trust. Once he found the Alpha SmartTemp, he knew he’d found the best.

A life-changing solution.

Over the past few years, Dan has used both the silicone and gel models of the Alpha SmartTemp Liner. The result? “Life-changing.”

“I barely sweat at all in this liner. It pulls that heat away from you. I’m no longer walking around like I’ve got a waterbed in my prosthetic leg. No more of that squishing around everywhere.”

– Dan Nunnelly

It doesn’t lose its secure fit, either. No matter how hard Dan is pushing, he’s confident that the Alpha SmartTemp is ready for anything.

“I don’t know what magic they’re putting in there, but it seems to hold its form to my leg the way I need it to.”

– Dan Nunnelly

48% reduction in sweat? Get ready to believe.

What feels like magic is really groundbreaking technology. Like the Alpha SmartTemp Silicone Liner, the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner is a breakthrough advancement. It utilizes a proprietary blend of TPE gel and heat absorption technology to regulate skin temperature, absorb heat, and delay the onset of sweat.

The science backs it up, too. Participants in a randomized clinical study experienced a 48% reduction in sweat while wearing the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner compared to a standard gel liner.

Comfort makes a real difference.

Innovative heat management technology is just one way that the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner keeps Dan comfortable and secure. The liner also utilizes one-way stretch Select fabric to control pistoning without the need of a distal matrix, while allowing circumferential stretch for easy donning. The flexible knee panel of abrasion-resistant fabric permits comfortable, easy flexion without pulling and tightening at the knee. And the panel and thin gel behind the knee allow for comfort when sitting or bending for extended periods of time.

“This liner isn’t just for athletes.”

– Dan Nunnelly

At the end of a workout, Dan puts away his weights but he doesn’t put away his Alpha SmartTemp. It stays on while he works at his job in the motorcycle industry. He’s on his feet with customers all day long, but since switching to the Alpha SmartTemp, he doesn’t have to take his leg off and wipe it down in front of customers and associates.

“Whether you’re training or you’ve got to go to work or if you’re just out walking around with your friends, the convenience of not having that heat, the comfort of not having to deal with that heat or the sweat, is going to make a huge difference.”

– Dan Nunnelly

Learn more about the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner on the Cascade website or by reaching out to 800-888-0865 for more details.

Cascade Supplier Partners: Product Highlight – Ottobock Kenevo

The Kenevo® Microprocessor Knee features a lightweight design that adapts to different mobility capabilities and needs. The adaptive swing release allows for increased security when walking, while the automatic unlock and real time resistance adjustments provide a smooth sitting motion. The Kenevo brings the security of an MPK to an often underserved patient population.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Standing function has a range of stability options
  • Backwards walking support
  • Pre-lock for stability when standing up
  • Stumble recovery plus
  • Wheelchair function
  • Inertial motion unit
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • Color: Desert Pearl

Suitable Users

  • Knee disarticulation and transfemoral amputees (unilateral and bilateral)
  • K2 – K3 Users
  • Patients who fulfill the physical and mental requirements for perceiving optical/acoustic signals and/or mechanical vibrations


To learn more about the Ottobock Kenevo Microprocessor Knee and how it can benefit your patients, visit the Cascade website or ask a Cascade Customer Service Representative Today!

Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner – Bethany’s Story

Keeping Up With Bethany

Between managing a multimillion-dollar business, going to the gym regularly, traveling the world, and chasing her 3-year-old son around in the hot Texas weather, Bethany is about as busy and active as it gets.

Like all amputees, Bethany had trouble regulating her body temperature. Going from tough workouts in the gym to her busy work schedule, she would often get overheated. She would frequently have to empty the excess sweat from the liner, and she would lose so much volume that she eventually couldn’t even keep her prosthetic on.

Bethany had always been extremely active, and she wasn’t going to let her amputation slow her down. She needed a solution that could keep up with her lifestyle.

New Heat Management Technology

The SmartTemp Gel Liner is an innovative new solution, utilizing a proprietary blend of TPE gel and heat absorption technology to regulate skin temperature, absorb heat, and delay the onset of sweat. It works similarly to the Alpha SmartTemp Silicone Liner, but utilizes brand-new heat management technology.

In fact, participants in a randomized clinical study experienced a 48% reduction in sweat while wearing the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner compared to a standard gel liner.

For Bethany, the benefits were immediate and drastic. The first time she cleaned her house on a hot, 90-degree Texas day, she could feel the sweat on her head, her face, every part of her except her limb. Two-and-a-half hours of scrubbing, and she didn’t once have to take off her liner to empty the sweat. It was a profound moment for Bethany.

At her gym, where she works out with other adaptive athletes, she is the only person who doesn’t have to empty excess sweat.

“When others have to take theirs off to dump the sweat out, not this gal. I’m cool, calm, collected, and ready to confidently take on my world everyday with WillowWood!”


Better Comfort, Better Limb Health

The Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner utilizes one-way stretch Select fabric to control pistoning without the need of a distal matrix, while allowing circumferential stretch for easy donning. The flexible knee panel of abrasion-resistant fabric permits comfortable, easy flexion without pulling and tightening at the knee. The panel and the thin gel behind the knee allow for comfort when sitting or bending for extended periods of time.

With the reduction of sweat within the liner, chafing and skin breakdown may be reduced while suspension strength of the prosthesis may be improved. Bethany didn’t experience any pressure, friction, or sores, and the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner didn’t pull on her skin or slide around, even during the course of her most active days. It went on and stayed on, a perfect fit.

“WillowWood’s Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner keeps me in the game!”


Durability That Lasts

With all of Bethany’s previous gel liners, she has experienced notable wear. She has a bone pronouncement below her knee, which would damage the gel inside other liners, even with extra padding. She would constantly have to trade them out on warranty.

But with the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner, Bethany hasn’t experienced any holes, cracks, or damage in the gel, and the exterior and elastic have remained as durable as they were on day one.

“WillowWood liners get me to the finish line every time!”


Learn more about the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner.

Cascade Six Month Update

As we head into the second half of 2020, we want to applaud our industry for working so hard to deliver exceptional patient care. As we continue to mitigate the impacts of this pandemic, it is important we stay connected and provide you with products, resources, and services that are accessible to you.

Keep reading to get the scoop!

Major New Product Adds

Cascade has added several new products so you have access to the solutions you need to support your patients.

COVID-19 Supplies

In order keep you updated with current product availability, we have created a “COVID-19 Supplies” section on our website that highlights the PPE products that are available. This section of the site is updated regularly as we add additional products and inventory levels are adjusted.

Current Promotions

New Website

On June 1st, 2020, Cascade officially launched our new website. The site offers a fresh new look, robust search, online returns, multiple ways to change your shipping preferences, and many other great features. Be sure to check it out and let us know how we can improve your shopping experience.

Cascade Territory Account Managers

Our Cascade Territory Account Managers are back and ready to help you and your practice thrive. Your Territory Account Manager can be reached by phone, email, and video conference. Be on the lookout for communication from the team!

Clinical Education

Cascade has a clinical resource who is available to answer questions, give her advice, or provide your practice with education.

What Can Nina Help You With?

  • Product Consultation
  • Coding/Reimbursement Guidance
  • Clinical Education/Webinars
  • Product Certifications
  • Technical and Fabrication Questions

Nina can be reached at via email at nbondre@cascade-usa.com or by phone at (530) 879-1573. To request a course for your facility, simply complete the form online, or reach out to your Cascade Account Manager for more information.

Business Consultation: O&P Insights

Cascade has partnered with O&P Insights to provide you with a professional resource who can deliver business education and provide helpful guidance so your practice can thrive in this ever-changing health care environment.

  • Claim Reviews & Internal Audits
  • Staff Training
    • Medicare Policy
    • How to Avoid Common Errors
    • Appeal Strategies
    • Documentation
  • Software Optimization
  • Process Analysis & Improvement
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis & Planning

For more information on how O&P Insight can help your facility, or for any additional questions reach out to your Cascade Account Manager today!

As we continue to reimagine distribution, it is important that we remain focused on the service and value we provide you! Please let us know what we can do to help and how we can make your experience with Cascade even better!

Cascade Supplier Partners: New Product Availability

Ottobock Microprocessor products are now available through Cascade. We have bolstered our product portfolio with the addition of three lower extremity microprocessor products; the C-Leg® 4, Kenevo®, and Meridium Foot.

C-Leg® Microprocessor Knee

The C-Leg® 4 prosthetic knee features a stumble recover feature that provides patients stability and comfort on uneven surfaces. The real time swing phase control ensures precision due to the 3D motion analysis technology.

  • Intuitive or Automatic Stance options
  • Walking backward support
  • Two programmable MyModes
  • IP67 Rating: 67/weatherproof
  • Manufacturer Recommended LCode(s): 5828, L5845, L5848, L5856
  • Clinical Studies

Kenevo® Microprocessor Knee

The Kenevo® microprocessor knee features a lightweight design with the ability to adapt to different mobility capabilities and needs. The adaptive swing release allows for increased security when walking and the automatic unlock and real time resistance adjustment provides a smooth sitting motion.

  • Standing function has a range of stability options
  • Pre-lock for stability when standing up
  • Stumble recovery plus
  • Wheelchair function
  • Inertial motion unit
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Bluetooth® Connectivity

Meridium Foot

The Meridum Prosthetic Foot offers the latest technology to provide a product that closely mimics the anatomy of a human foot. The foot provides users with a higher level of security, along with an increased adaptability, and a more natural motion sequence. The unique 4-axis design adjusts itself immediately to the user’s walking speed and ground conditions, whether on slopes, stairs, or varying terrain. When sitting, the foot completely lowers itself to the floor to provide relief to the residual limb.

  • Movable ankle, midfoot, and toe region
  • Increased flexibility and stability
  • Hydraulic resistance is adjusted during initial ground contact
  • Full-surface contact provides stability and traction
  • Uniform load distribution helps with gait symmetry
  • Electronically controlled ankle joint gradually adjusts to user’s gait behavior
  • Automatically adjusts to various shoe heel heights, up to 5cm
  • Battery Life: Approximately one day

Ordering Options

  • Online
  • OPIE Purchasing and Inventory Catalog
  • Phone: 800-888-0865
  • Fax: 800-847-9180
  • Email: orders@cascade-usa.com


To learn more about the new Ottobock Microprocessor products and how they can benefit your patients, visit our website or ask a Cascade Representative today!

Cascade Supplier Partners: New and Innovative Solutions

The Alpha SmartTemp® Gel Liner is constructed with WillowWood’s proprietary blend of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) gel and heat absorption technology. This technology allows the liner to absorb and store heat from a residual limb, delaying the onset of sweat. The liner releases the stored heat as the body cools down, stabilizing the skin temperature to keep the user comfortable all day. The transtibial liner features a flexible knee panel of abrasion-resistant fabric that allows for easy flexion without pulling and tightening at the knee.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Reduces sweat, chafing, and skin breakdown
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • One-way stretch fabric controls pistoning without the need of a distal matrix
  • Profile Types: Symmetrical, Uniform, and Progressive
  • Retrofits with Alpha Liners that have the same profile, base size, and umbrella style
  • Fabric Cover: Select fabric
  • Recommended LCodes: L5673 (Locking), L5679 (Cushion)

Suitable Users

  • K2-K4 Activity Levels
  • Transtibial or transfemoral amputees
  • Amputees who use and may prefer TPE gel liners
  • Amputees who would benefit from reduced temperature and sweat


To learn more about the new WillowWood Alpha SmartTemp® Gel Liner and how it could benefit your patients, visit our website or ask a Cascade Customer Service Representative today!

Moving Your Practice Forward; Looking for Cash in All the Right Places

Cascade is working to provide you with the resources you need to navigate these difficult times. Below you will find an overview of where you may be able to find additional capital to keep your business strong so you can provide essential care to your patients.


  • Extension to file and pay 2019 income taxes
  • Research tax credit
  • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans
  • Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) and Emergency Economic Injury Grants
  • Employee Retention Credit For Employers
  • State and local programs
  • Traditional lending sources
  • Small Business Debt Relief Program
  • Provider Relief Fund
  • Delay of payment of employer payroll taxes
  • Private grants and programs


  • Governed by the IRS SS41
  • Based upon qualified research activities in a “current period” compared to a based period
  • Three types of expenditures are eligible for the credit (wages, supplies, and contract research)
  • The credit is filed on form 6765
  • Apply credit against the tax owed


The Paycheck Protection Program is a loan designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll. You can apply through any existing SBA 7(a) lender or through any federally insured depository institution, federally insured credit union, or Farm Credit System institution that is participating. Other regulated lenders will be available to make these loans once they are approved and enrolled in the program.


  • Loan amortization up to 30 years
  • Interest rate of 3.75% for small businesses and 2.75% for nonprofits
  • Personal guarantees on loans greater than $200,000
  • Amount of the loan will be determined by the SBA
  • Apply directly with the SBA on their website



  • Small Business Debt Relief Program
  • Traditional Lending Sources
  • State and Local Programs
  • Private Grants and Program

For additional information on the CARES Act, R&D Tax Credits, or other means of capital, contact O&P Insight, Mueller Prost, or Monetek LLC.

Be sure to visit the Cascade website for additional COVID-19 Resources, information on upcoming webinars, and available PPE products.

2020 COVID-19 Update From Our President, Jeff Collins

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact our local and global communities, the safety of our customers, employees, and associates remain a top priority.  Please rest assured, Cascade is proactively monitoring the situation and adapting our operations to ensure we are providing you with the essential products, supplies, and services you need to remain operational.  Cascade is here for you during this unprecedented time and is fully functional, accessible, and connected to our supplier network to ensure we are meeting your changing needs:

Order Channels: All team members are working remotely and connected to our systems.  Orders are being processed through all order channels: OPIE, the Cascade website, Customer Service (800-888-0865), Email (orders@cascade-usa.com), Fax (800-847-9180), and other integration platforms. 

Distribution Center Service: There are no changes to order cut off times or inventory availability in any of our four warehouses.  All warehouses are fully staffed and processing orders daily.  Inventory of essential supplies, including items like gloves, face masks, and cleaning supplies are being closely monitored and functional substitutions are being researched.  Any inventory shortages will be communicated to customers.

Logistics and Operations: UPS, our primary shipping carrier, has assured us of their operational stability during this pandemic. UPS owns Air and Ground cargo shipping networks and are domestically not experiencing capacity issues.  UPS is committed to maintaining their transportation network and mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 so service levels will not be disrupted.

Contingency Shipping Plans: Customers are welcome at any time to call Cascade Customer Service (800-888-0865) and request a change in address (at no charge) to redirect shipments to an alternate business address, residence, or UPS Access Point.  Customers can find the nearest UPS Access Point here.  Please note: many retail UPS Access Points (like CVS or Michaels) have reduced hours and closures are contingent on county, city, and state mandates. Please make sure to check your desired UPS Access Point prior to scheduling a shipment redirect.

Planning: During this challenging time, we ask you to plan for your future needs and order products and supplies immediately. If you have an urgent order, please alert our staff and we will prioritize your order processing and arrange for expedited delivery times.

Credit and Financial Constraints:  We understand that all small and medium sized businesses are under tremendous financial stress. We ask that during this time of uncertainty, you maintain communication be with our Credit and Collections Team (800-888-0865 extension 2003), so we can support you during this time of need.

We are confident that through technology, we can maintain the same exceptional level of service and support.  Thank you for your continued support, together we will continue to fulfill our critical role in the healthcare continuum.


Jeff Collins, President

Cascade Supplier Partners: New Savings

The Agilium® Vantage is a low-profile wraparound knee brace designed to provide lasting pain relief for patients with mild to moderate unicompartmental osteoarthritis. The dynamic Y force strapping system unloads the affected compartment of the knee with one pull, while reducing rotation and providing increased stability.

Key Benefits

  • Single, low-profile metal upright with hinge for fixed flexion and extension limits
  • Lightweight, breathable material prevents popliteal bunching for user comfort and increased compliance
  • Easy to don and doff
  • Four adjustable, numbered closure straps for quick and easy application
  • Trimmable sleeves to fit a broader range of patients with three sizes to reduce inventory
  • Manufacturers Warranty: Six Months
  • Recommended LCodes: L1843, L1851

Clinical Indications

  • Mild to moderate unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis
  • Medial or lateral knee pain
  • Rheumatoid knee arthritis
  • Post-operative meniscus reconstruction or ligament injuries needing unilateral relief

Cascade Special Promotion

From now until June 30th, 2020 receive $100.00 off the cost of the Agilium Vantage.

Ways to Save:


To learn more about the Ottobock Agilium Vantage and how you can incorporate this product into your practice, visit our website or ask your Cascade Sales Account Manager Today!